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From standard Mil Spec or Industrial grade wire to specially designed wires or custom cable bundles to meet unique customer requirements, ALTA can provide the right product to meet those needs. Understanding what’s all available in the marketplace and the cost/benefit of using a standard versus a custom construction can be daunting; ALTA can recommend the right solution to ensure your cable or wire harness assemblies will meet your requirements at an affordable cost.

Mil Spec wires designed to be rugged yet light weight and the jacketing material is often cross-linked to provide superior electrical characteristics and physical strength. These flexible and highly flame-retardant products have high melting temperatures and are resistant to many solvents and chemicals. The same type of variables are available for industrial applications.

Available in multiple conductor cables as well as shielded and/or jacketed cables which can also be custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. Low smoke, zero halogen materials as well as coaxial cables, power cables and many different jacketing materials are all available to ensure the right product can be provided for your application. ALTA is able to provide custom cable constructions at very affordable costs for low-to-medium volume production needs.

Standard specifications that govern mil-aero applications include M81044, M22759, M27500, Mil-C-24640 and Mil-C-24643. For industrial and commercial applications there are a vast range of wire and cable standards including UL and CSA approvals.

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