HeatShrink Molded Shapes

Heat shrinkable molded parts (aka Heatshrink Boots) provide dependable strain relief in addition to mechanical and electrical protection for a wide range of cable assembly applications and environmental conditions.

Products meet many applicable industry standards and military specifications such as Mil-I-81765, VG 95343, NAVSEA 5617649, MS3109 and MS3117.

ALTA can inform you on the wide range of materials, shapes and sizes to accommodate many applications. Heatshrink Molded parts can be supplied with pre-coated adhesive for easy and reliable environmental sealing or adhesive can be purchased separately. Others are designed to enable re-entry if a product is being designed to be repairable.

Typical Shapes

  • Transitions: 2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way, 5 Way, 6 Way
  • 45 Deg. Angle Shape
  • 90 Deg. Angle Shape
  • T-Shapes
  • Offset & Angle Shapes
  • Elbow Shapes
  • Connector Covers (Min-D)
  • Endcaps
  • Graduated Strain Relief Shapes
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Straights Convoluted Boots
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90 Degree Transitions