Tapes, Adhesives, Films & Resins

When looking to provide additional protection for temperature, moisture ingress, dielectric insulation or controlling flexibility of the cable or electronic assembly specialty tapes, adhesives or resins can provide an effective economical solution. There are an endless number of materials and constructions available; understanding the operating environment and technical requirements will help to determine which solution will be most effective for a given application.

Specialty electrical tapes are designed to be highly conformable, flame retardant, maintain flexibility and adherence in cold weather and are resistant to UV, abrasion, corrosion and fluids. If re-entry is desired for service or repair requirements, selecting the right tape will offer this benefit.

Specially constructed pressure sensitive tapes and films can be used as high tolerance masking materials during soldering operations of electronic assemblies. They can provide excellent dielectric strength, reliable dimensional and thermal stability along with superior tensile strength and can offer ESD protection. Tapes will easily conform to irregular shapes and allow for superior masking of even the most intricate details.

Similarly, adhesives and resins offer the same types of features and benefits to bond, pot or protect joints within the electrical assembly.

ALTA’s knowledge and experience in knowing the broad products and materials available can help you find the right product for your application.

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