Partners & Suppliers

Connectors and Connector Accessories

ALTA Electronics Inc. Amphenol Worldwide manufacturer of standard Mil Spec and custom electrical connectors, backshells and connector accessories for Military and Commercial Aerospace and Defense applications.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Delphi/Power and Signal Worldwide manufacturer of high performance, cost-effective connection systems available either off-the-shelf or custom designed for applications in automotive, commercial or industrial vehicle applications.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Glenair High performance metal and composite connectors (power and signal) and backshells. Metal braided shielding for EMI/RFI cable protection. Flexible metal core and plastic conduit.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Hillsdale Terminal Manufacturer of a full line of solderless crimp terminals and butt splices. Terminals include insulated, non-insulated, brazed seam, vinyl, nylon and heat shrink jackets.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Polamco Connectors, backshells and a wide range of interconnect accessories used in rugged applications including Aerospace, Defence, Communication, Industrial, Medical, Mass Transit, Shipbuilding, Oil and Space.

Wire and Cable

ALTA Electronics Inc. Decca Cables Specializing in custom cable manufacturing for control, signal, instrumentation, communications, power and many custom electronics applications verified to CSA, UL, and ETL standards.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Domtech A fully integrated manufacturer of a wide variety of electrical and electronic wire and cable products. Material processing capabilities include PVC, TPE, XLPE, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, and PP.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Plastelec Specialty wire and cable manufacturer including high flexibility and high temperature PVC , high temperature silicones, polyethylene, halogen free, fluorinated polymers and fibre glass cables.

Heatshrink Products

ALTA Electronics Inc. DSG-Canusa Leading manufacturer of heat shrinkable products, specializing in innovative solutions for the automotive, electrical/utility, communication and electronic markets.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Hellermann Tyton Extensive product line of heatshrink moulded shapes including low profile, bulbous and lipped types for use on circular and D-type connectors as well as complex multi-way transitions.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Sumitomo Electric SUMITUBE® heatshrink tubing – available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colours. Temperature ratings meet all UL, CSA and MIL requirements. SumiMark® high performance, high speed thermal transfer marking system.
ALTA Electronics Inc. TE Connectivity – Energy Division World leader in heatshrink tubing, moulded shapes, adhesives, busbar tubing for the utility, rail, power equipment and industrial markets.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Zeus Broad selection of tubing ranging from AWG tubing and heat shrinkable tubing for insulation to spiral cut cable wrap and convoluted tubing for cable and harness protection.
ALTA Electronics Inc. 3M High performance heatshrink tubing, tapes and adhesives for electrical and electronic interconnect assemblies.


ALTA Electronics Inc. Delfingen Electrical insulation resin-coated braided fiberglass sleeving.  Expandable protective over-sleeving and self-closing wrap wire protection products.  Extrusion products include Convolute and Smooth tubing, plus fastening accessories.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Drossbach Manufactures a wide range of corrugated-flexible tubing used in a multitude of industries. Supplier of protective split-loom conduit for the automotive and heavy truck industries.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Grayline Heat shrinkable and non-heat shrinkable PVC tubing as well as braided fiberglass sleeving and expandable sleeving.
ALTA Electronics Inc. ADL Insulflex Custom and standard high performance non-asbestos, industrial high temperature protection materials including specialty sleeving, sealants, tapes and custom fabrications.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Techflex Globally recognized specialist in the engineering and manufacture of the most advanced braided sleeving solutions for the management and protection of wires and cables.

Electrical Accessories

ALTA Electronics Inc. Dewal Industries Industry leader in the manufacture of high performance polymer (PTFE, Kapton, etc.) films and pressure sensitive tapes. Films are among the longest splice free lengths in the industry.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Hellermann Tyton Manufactures a full line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors. Used to bundle, secure and protect electrical wire harness and cable installations.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Steinel Industrial Heat Guns incorporating DuraTherm™ heating element with complete ceramic encapsulation to extend coil life designed for performance and durability. Ideal for welding plastics, heatshrink tubing, shaping thermoplastics.
ALTA Electronics Inc. Techspan Wire management and control products for the electrical, automotive, heavy duty truck market.