Component Sourcing & Distribution

ALTA is the “one stop” source for its customers’ electrical interconnect needs; it has the depth of product knowledge and access to a breadth of brand name component manufacturers. Starting with as little as a definition of operating requirements, ALTA can recommend an optimum solution or a range of alternatives for a given application. ALTA can source wire, cable, connectors, backshells, heatshrink tubing or molded shapes, solder devices, sleeving or various other cable management products. ALTA’s relationship with its many supply partners give it access to a world of technology to ensure the customer is getting the best available solution.

In addition to determining the product that best suits a customer’s need, ALTA can add further value by developing a logistics program to determine the appropriate amount of inventory to achieve the right balance between stock availability and cash flow. From simple sourcing programs to inventory management and replenishment systems, ALTA is ready to support its individual customer’s needs.