Value Added Processing

As customers have begun to look at outsourcing activities to better optimize their own facilities and operations, ALTA has been a very willing partner to grow beyond its original distributor role to assume these additional responsibilities. Not just a willing partner, but a very capable one as significant investments in facilities and automated equipment have been made to ensure that such activities can be transitioned seamlessly and at an affordable cost.

Opportunities for providing additional value-added services to support customers in their wire harness or cable assembly operations are almost endless but experience has shown the following areas to achieve significant improvements in customer costs or cash flow:

  • Kits of Parts: Reducing a customer’s costs and inventory levels by consolidating several lower value parts into a single package used at the same stage of a production process. Benefits include a reduction in POs and invoices to process, more efficient use of space required to store inventory, less effort to retrieve inventory, and a reduced risk of stock-outs.
  • Pre-cut Tubing or Sleeving: ALTA can provide materials such as heatshrink, sleeving or wire cut to specified lengths so they are ready for use on the customer’s manufacturing line. The ready-to-use inventory reduces customer manufacturing cycle time and can replace manual operations with automation.
  • Pre-printed and Pre-cut Wire Markers: ALTA’s investment in state-of-art SumiMark® technology enables it to provide a variety of permanent identification marking solutions – label length, font type, font size, single sided or two sided printing. Enables customers to avoid a capital investment for an underutilized asset.
  • Pre-packaged Custom Wire Kits: Take advantage of ALTA’s automated wire processing equipment to generate wire kits cut to custom lengths and custom strip lengths. Wire kits can be delivered in individual packaging to further reduce manufacturing cycle time and eliminate the need to bulk storage of reels of cable/wire.
  • Sub-Assemblies: ALTA performs a wide range of activities to help streamline its customers’ manufacturing processes. Examples include wire stripping, tinning, crimping, soldering, mechanical assembly, cable lay-up . . . and more.
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