Manufacturing & Assembly

ALTA’s expertise in materials sourcing developed when it was a distributor along with its investment in tooling & equipment and its highly trained workforce have led numerous customers to select ALTA as their preferred source for electrical cable & wire harness manufacturing. ALTA has the technical knowledge to participate in cable design; able to offer recommendations on materials selection as well as Design for Manufacturability to ensure the final product will meet the customers’ technical requirements at the lowest possible cost.

ALTA has experience in building all types of harness constructions – open wire bundle, heatshrink and conduit systems . Customers range from high volume industrial markets to lower volume military markets. All production staff are trained by an in-house IPC WHA-620 certified instructor to ensure that all cables are built to this international workmanship standard. In addition to training, ALTA has also invested heavily in automated tooling wherever feasible: in areas of wire cutting & stripping, crimping, tubing or sleeving cutting. This further ensures consistency of product build and keeps direct labour costs to a minimum.

Leveraging ALTA’s long standing relationships with its supply partners enables access to some of the world’s leading authorities to provide or even develop custom components to meet a customers unique application.
Customers can be assured that ALTA’s infrastructure is capable to support the manufacturing activities; everything in the ISO registered Quality System ensures tooling is calibrated, material is properly controlled, defect data is maintained and analyzed for continued improvement. ALTA goes beyond the traditional ISO Quality system and has the ability to maintain complete build traceability for customers who require it. ALTA also has a complete ERP system enabling proper management of materials requirements, work order control and capacity management.

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