Our Markets

ALTA enjoys a presence in a wide range of markets. All markets have a common thread that the equipment functions in a harsh operating environment driving the need for a reliable electrical interconnect product. ALTA is able to understand the specific requirements of each application and recommend a suitable cost effective solution. Alta can supply anything from the most suitable type of heatshrink , connector or sleeving to providing a complete wire harness or cable assembly to meet the unique operating requirements of a customers’ application.

Whether it is an aerospace, defense, nuclear power, shipboard, telecommunication, high speed rail, automotive, recreational vehicle or select industrial application, all have some combination of requirements including temperature, vibration, moisture, fluid contamination or EMI. ALTA understands the specifications related to industries such as defense, aerospace or nuclear and can provide solutions compliant with such specifications. In other markets, once a definition of the operating criteria is determined, ALTA can recommend an optimum solution balancing the needs between performance and cost.

The wide range of markets that ALTA operates in provides the added advantage of offering customers creative solutions not always known within their specific market niche. Whether its applying an aerospace level part to satisfy a unique need in an industrial environment or finding a suitable COTS (Commercial of the Shelf) solution for military application, ALTA has the breadth of knowledge to find the right solution for its customers.

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