Connectors & Backshells

ALTA is your source for Mil-Aero, commercial and industrial electrical connectors or backshells for use in your wire harness, cable or PCB assemblies.

Mil-Aero connector and backshells are designed and developed for the most harsh and rugged environments they have many features that allow for almost any application to be accommodated from high temperature, fire wall, light weight, hermetically sealed, threaded or bayonet interface and many material types such as stainless steel, aluminium, composite and bronze.

Standard Mil-Aero connectors per M5015, D38999, M81511, M26482, M81703 and backshells per AS85049, or customized products to OEM and specification controlled part numbers can all be sourced and distributed by ALTA to ensure the right product for your needs.

Similarly, for commercial and industrial applications, understanding the operating requirements of temperature and sealing requirements will enable ALTA to provide the best available off-the-shelf product or even work with a manufacturer to custom a connector or backshell for you unique requirements.

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